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The right to feel impeccable – Daniela Balzano

Body positivity is the concept that characterizes Daniela’s vision, a brave and young fashion designer who has decided to stay in her land to develop her creations. This girl proudly represents a refined style, suitable for every need and wearable by any body shape. “When I was young, one of my first questions to my…

The best prophet of the future is the past – CARLO FELICE

Let’s go on a trip to the most beautiful country of the world: Italy through the inspiring words of Katherine Krajcarz-Kuc! “Carlo Felice is a luxury fashion brand that designs and manufactures garments for modern women. Our products are handmade in Italy and our fabrics are exclusively hand-picked and produced with care and affection. Many…

The Fashion Revolution Week

Five years have passed from the disaster of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh that happened in the morning of 24 April 2013. A building collapsed killing all the people who were working inside, 1133 victims and wounded 2.515. Whene some cracks in the building appeared, only the textile factories within it do not have closed the activity. These…

Alekai Goldentear will take you in Africa from Kenya to Tanzania

This designer is will lead you on a journey full of emotions. Its philosophy is truly noble, always working with a constant respect towards the environment and the earth. “My creativity has always being my way to share my  fantasies and dreams with the world. For many years I’ve travelled all over the world living a…

Through another prism – Stine Sandermann

“Creatively, we’ve been working around the theme “Through Another Prism” which is about looking at the fashion system and industry through another prism and trying to do something different than everyone else. We took it very literal in the beginning and started the creative process by taking photos of objects through prisms, glass, mirrors and water and we got some pretty cool imagery out of it, which led to the final designs made of waste materials. So, the final designs are somehow my thoughts transformed into form.”

KIA FIL is hot!

“I imagine a world where the technology and the traditional craftsmanship is united, developing a new sustainable way of producing, using new biodegradable and organic materials.”

Less but better – Francesca Giovannini

“There is a sentence that Lucy Siegle (a British journalist very close to the Fashion Revolution movement) has said: “Fast Fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying” and it is true. Is that fair that someone has to die or work as a slave for a t-shirt that would be wear twice? I don’t think so.”