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Bright, girlish and quite strong – Juliet Robot

Once you see these shoes, you need them! Juliet Robot is brilliant and with this interview she will show you her amazing and colorful word. “Since I was young, I’ve preferred making things to drawing. While other girls coloured in picture books, I liked cutting out paper dolls. When I decided to learn shoe-making, I…

THE SOCIAL ADVISOR: Only for Shoe Lovers

Here’s some Instagram profiles you don’t want to miss! Today is all about shoes. Some of them are online stores while others are just a source of inspiration. SHOES IN ART @shoesinart This Instagram page is really original and interesting. It is a collection of images of shoes in artworks. It could be good if you’re…

Unlike others – Laila Uiska

“I create fashion item as a unique art work, with each person I work individually, so there are no two identical products. We are all special and I want to create a qualitative product that is appropriate for each person – purse, briefcase or shoes that is only for you and for no one else.”

Disco Dynasty – Magdalena K

“I treat color and patterns equally, like a surface and that creates a very vibrant free spirit feel. I just thought of a term “Disco Dynasty” when I saw one shoe of mine yesterday and I think that’s it. My concept and forever direction has been Disco Dynasty.”

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! – Elegnano

“You don’t just wear shoes, they carry you. For me, shoes have the capability to immediately set your mood. No one can deny that it is a completely different feeling to walk around in sneakers or high heels (and I am not talking about the kind that hurt your feet). If I want to feel feminine and elegant, no matter what the outfit is, I put on some heels.”

It’s all in details! – MILK2MOUTHS

“Creating this collection I was thinking: ’Let’s create magical shoes from the most not-magical details. The details which would look like a spectacular pieces of artwork made from nonsense’. I thought and started filling out the list of the most ridiculous elements for shoes.”