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I create because I must – Heidi Wong

Let’s get into a psychedelic world made of freedom and creativity. This incredible artist will show you how reality can be perceived when you have the synesthesia lens. “I’m a twenty year old poet, artist, and influencer. I identify as third culture, since I’m originally from Hong Kong, went to an IB (International Baccalaureate) school…

Antigravitation – Zoya Koinash

I define my art style like pop surrealism,  I can say that I want to draw something that stops people for a moment of trans, trans without any drags, reboots their perception.

Encaustic painter – Jessica Hemmy

“I would define my art as fluid and organic in style. I like my works to have a sense of movement even when the subject is abstract. I don’t like a lot of hard angles in my work.”

The surreal world of Anders Rasmussen

“My passion comes from sharing my thoughts about the world with the people of the world. A process of returning my experience, getting what reflecs inside to the outside. I think this is what great art should do, like lending the lenses of a particular artist to see how his or her reality tunnel looks like.”

A leather jacket is forever! – Laurie Lee

“I imagine all the girls I know and what they’d say to every slogan I create. To be honest it’s usually these girls that I take inspiration from, from a text, something they’ll say ​drunk ​or a name we’ll call each other. “