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I create because I must – Heidi Wong

Let’s get into a psychedelic world made of freedom and creativity. This incredible artist will show you how reality can be perceived when you have the synesthesia lens. “I’m a twenty year old poet, artist, and influencer. I identify as third culture, since I’m originally from Hong Kong, went to an IB (International Baccalaureate) school…

Antigravitation – Zoya Koinash

I define my art style like pop surrealism,  I can say that I want to draw something that stops people for a moment of trans, trans without any drags, reboots their perception.

Encaustic painter – Jessica Hemmy

“I would define my art as fluid and organic in style. I like my works to have a sense of movement even when the subject is abstract. I don’t like a lot of hard angles in my work.”

Unlike others – Laila Uiska

“I create fashion item as a unique art work, with each person I work individually, so there are no two identical products. We are all special and I want to create a qualitative product that is appropriate for each person – purse, briefcase or shoes that is only for you and for no one else.”

The surreal world of Anders Rasmussen

“My passion comes from sharing my thoughts about the world with the people of the world. A process of returning my experience, getting what reflecs inside to the outside. I think this is what great art should do, like lending the lenses of a particular artist to see how his or her reality tunnel looks like.”