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I create because I must – Heidi Wong

Let’s get into a psychedelic world made of freedom and creativity. This incredible artist will show you how reality can be perceived when you have the synesthesia lens. “I’m a twenty year old poet, artist, and influencer. I identify as third culture, since I’m originally from Hong Kong, went to an IB (International Baccalaureate) school…

Daydreaming – TZULI HSU

“Having lived in New York, London and Taipei, and been traveling to different countries, I
embrace diverse cultures and experiences, which I believe shapes my visual sensibility on fashion
in some ways.”

Disco Dynasty – Magdalena K

“I treat color and patterns equally, like a surface and that creates a very vibrant free spirit feel. I just thought of a term “Disco Dynasty” when I saw one shoe of mine yesterday and I think that’s it. My concept and forever direction has been Disco Dynasty.”

Carotilla goes sustainable

“I can’t see any positive aspect about fast fashion. It destroys the market, it allows unethical
working conditions in the third world countries, where workers are not protected by their own
legislation, it pushes to buy more and more without thinking, it rewards the big nonsustainable
brands and it ruins the smaller activities.”

The aesthetic goddess couture – Yoshi Churnac

“One of the great things about designing festival fashion rather than normal fashion is that I’m not constrained by making all my designs for one season follow a theme. I usually just design on the fly as I’m inspired by new fabric and ideas.”

Van Gogh in the wardrobe

“I think the hardest thing about being a young designer in the industry is finding someone to give you a chance. It’s difficult to get the experience desired by many brands when no one will give you said experience. But I know every young designer has been where I have so I try not to let this discourage me. I love working, designing—I love being busy.”