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In her shoes – Emily Hackett

“I’m learning through music that someone is always going to have the same truths as you, no matter how shameful they may feel.”


Ready for The Midnight?

“There is a Japanese term: Mono no aware. It means basically, the sad beauty of seeing time pass – the aching awareness of impermanence. These are the days that we will return to one day in the future only in memories.” That is basically what The Midnight is.

Disco Dynasty – Magdalena K

“I treat color and patterns equally, like a surface and that creates a very vibrant free spirit feel. I just thought of a term “Disco Dynasty” when I saw one shoe of mine yesterday and I think that’s it. My concept and forever direction has been Disco Dynasty.”

It’s all in details! – MILK2MOUTHS

“Creating this collection I was thinking: ’Let’s create magical shoes from the most not-magical details. The details which would look like a spectacular pieces of artwork made from nonsense’. I thought and started filling out the list of the most ridiculous elements for shoes.”

City affairs – Kathia Bucho

“What inspires me the most, for now: mechanical mechanisms. I’ve always been impressed by their aesthetics and the more confused the more I love them. I spend hours trying to understand them and often yearn to build them in miniature, which is another thing I’m involved in, scale miniatures, and make them…it’s just wonderful!”