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7 reasons why Trashy-chic style is awsome!

Let’s start by saying that trashy-chic is not just a fashion style but it’s primarily a style of thinking and living. Probably is the result of the Internet supremacy on the fashion world, but whatever its origin n is, we like it to die! What is the trashy-chic style and why it must be loved?…

A leather jacket is forever! – Laurie Lee

“I imagine all the girls I know and what they’d say to every slogan I create. To be honest it’s usually these girls that I take inspiration from, from a text, something they’ll say ​drunk ​or a name we’ll call each other. “

Twisted lingerie by Sophie Thorne

“I think we live in a world where many women still feel hugely conflicted and repressed about communicating their desires (and I don’t just mean sexually). I want to peel back the layers of what it means to feel empowered, blur the lines between underwear and outerwear with dynamic mix and match collections which make a statement, whether they’re concealed under a suit or worn later that night in the bedroom.”