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LU LA LOOP is the mood

“LU LA LOOP started out as a wearable art project. Mainly using knitting and creating unique pieces that did not really have a gender role and were mainly free size. Creating costume streetwear vibes.
The idea was to play with weird materials, to create fun , humour, darkness, sci-fi, musical inspired pieces that were more excited by the idea of performing. “

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Through another prism – Stine Sandermann

“Creatively, we’ve been working around the theme “Through Another Prism” which is about looking at the fashion system and industry through another prism and trying to do something different than everyone else. We took it very literal in the beginning and started the creative process by taking photos of objects through prisms, glass, mirrors and water and we got some pretty cool imagery out of it, which led to the final designs made of waste materials. So, the final designs are somehow my thoughts transformed into form.”