The magic starts with a pencil – Luca Di Sabatino

This is the proud and fascinating story of a truly Italian talent. Creativity is like an explosion and Luca tells how this can be also a struggle full of passion and eclecticism and experimentation. He tells us his intense journey and we are so happy and grateful for this daily dose of artistic breeze. Tell…

Less but better – Francesca Giovannini

“There is a sentence that Lucy Siegle (a British journalist very close to the Fashion Revolution movement) has said: “Fast Fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying” and it is true. Is that fair that someone has to die or work as a slave for a t-shirt that would be wear twice? I don’t think so.”

A journey into parkour and fab places – Gemini

Climbing up a 300m (985ft) high building was kicking our adrenaline. However there is something even more exciting. We had the chance to explore an abandoned theme park. The park was closed 15 years ago. It was incredible to see all those former attractions like roller coasters and a ferris wheel which were completely taken back by nature.