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Look and feel – Guillory Jewelry

We totally fell in love with these super hot and stylish creations and you definitely need at least one of them in your jewellery case! “My name is Anastasia Komleva, I am the designer and creator of Guillory Jewelry. I was born in a small town in Russia, but currently I divide my time between…

KIA FIL is hot!

“I imagine a world where the technology and the traditional craftsmanship is united, developing a new sustainable way of producing, using new biodegradable and organic materials.”

Like precious berries – RO jewellery

“I am inspired by fairy-tales, baroque, architecture, city, people. This is endelss well of inspiration. More colourfull city – more colourfull people in it. Their ideas, apparence, style and minds. I believe more open to the World you are, less barriers in thoughts – release creativity inevitably.”

For the people who live far away from the green – Yeni Studio

“As a biologist, I perceive human beings as a tiny part in the nature rather than a separate techno-natural entity. From our guts to the air we breath, we live in a medium of other organisms. However, we are under the delusion that we will overcome our dependence on nature with technology. From this perspective, my profession affects my design in a way to reflect the balance of the power and fragility in the nature.”