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10 + 1 TV-Series about the Fashion Industry

It’s time to find what you can learn about the fashion industry, content marketing, entrepreneurship and much more from these TV series. The weekend is at your door and what better time to try watching a new TV series, chill out a little bit and learn something new. #1 THE BOLD TYPE This is one…

Growing up is a trap! – Miranda Dix

For me, success is self fulfillment, because without that we are nothing but a puppet in society’s show. If everyone went along with the ‘go to uni, get a job, live happily ever after’ regime, our world wouldn’t develop at the rate it’s going now – there are so many influential people in this world who weren’t born into being influential, they decided their opinion matters.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! – Elegnano

“You don’t just wear shoes, they carry you. For me, shoes have the capability to immediately set your mood. No one can deny that it is a completely different feeling to walk around in sneakers or high heels (and I am not talking about the kind that hurt your feet). If I want to feel feminine and elegant, no matter what the outfit is, I put on some heels.”