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Natural fabrics, elegance and a big dream to pursue. This is L.A.B. “Since I was a child I had a dream to make something big in my life that others would be falling in love with. I was quite keen on needlework and even made some clothes for my barbie dolls. Becomingly dressed people always…

LU LA LOOP is the mood

“LU LA LOOP started out as a wearable art project. Mainly using knitting and creating unique pieces that did not really have a gender role and were mainly free size. Creating costume streetwear vibes.
The idea was to play with weird materials, to create fun , humour, darkness, sci-fi, musical inspired pieces that were more excited by the idea of performing. “

The infinity line – Lital Weizman

“I try to be unique, to keep my signature, to touch more people, to arrive to their dreams and to tell a story.
Its like a movie. When you are into it, you reach the director’s mind. You follow him, cause he makes you discover his imagination.”

Growing up is a trap! – Miranda Dix

For me, success is self fulfillment, because without that we are nothing but a puppet in society’s show. If everyone went along with the ‘go to uni, get a job, live happily ever after’ regime, our world wouldn’t develop at the rate it’s going now – there are so many influential people in this world who weren’t born into being influential, they decided their opinion matters.

Let’s play cops and robbers – Andreas Thanner

“I’m fascinated of feminism and especially what happened in russia when Pussy Riot came out. The contrast of this communism country with the colorful protests and performances agains it, inspired my the most. The reaction of the government and Wladimir Putin to the protests was like somebody stole a lollipop from a child. I transferred this atmosphere of a crotchety child into a menswear fashion collection.”