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Eternal Traveller

Nikita is an inspired soul, the colors and silhouettes she designs are a truly dream that becomes reality. “Growing up amidst dynamic women, with their unique sense of style, I have dedicated my brand to the women who have been comfort in times of change and guided me through unexplored trails. Being inclined towards art…

Through another prism – Stine Sandermann

“Creatively, we’ve been working around the theme “Through Another Prism” which is about looking at the fashion system and industry through another prism and trying to do something different than everyone else. We took it very literal in the beginning and started the creative process by taking photos of objects through prisms, glass, mirrors and water and we got some pretty cool imagery out of it, which led to the final designs made of waste materials. So, the final designs are somehow my thoughts transformed into form.”

Homecoming – 404 studio

“The whole concept spins around this and Stanley kubrik’s Lolita art. 
Willing to mix our homecoming with the sensuality, colour and shape of a young  spanish Lolita.”

Only for princesses – Porshz

“This collection is based on the designer’s imagination: what if the tiny kingdoms of the southwest Chinese nations took the royal throne then how would it be like at the present time?”

Growing up is a trap! – Miranda Dix

For me, success is self fulfillment, because without that we are nothing but a puppet in society’s show. If everyone went along with the ‘go to uni, get a job, live happily ever after’ regime, our world wouldn’t develop at the rate it’s going now – there are so many influential people in this world who weren’t born into being influential, they decided their opinion matters.

Beautiful wonderland – ANDERLOS

“ANDERLOS was established with the spirit to create “beautiful wonderland ” that emphasized Eastern and Western art of fashion. We also express the concern about environmental protection and multiculturalism.”