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Sweet boy are your best friends

“We strive to present our music in a way that feels genuine and personal for our audiences. As audience members ourselves, quite often we find a degree of separation between the performer and the crowd. It’s our goal to make the listener feel comfortable, connected and familiar to us. Sweet Boy invites the audience to be a part of the music, a part of the band, and a part of our friendship.”

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Electric Octopus will blow your mind!

“I find it much easier to express how I feel through playing guitar than I do talking and I think that’s something that’s really become apparent to me since we’ve got this band together. There’s been times where maybe we’ve all had a disagreement about something and there’s a sort of bad vibe in the air, then we’ll have a jam and without having to say any words, everything is resolved and we can move on.
It’s a pretty cool thing.”