Are you still undecided about what gifts to do at Christmas? On IWOOT you will find tons of super original items to choose from and that will drive you crazy. In today’s Friday List you will find a selection of 50 so wow gifts that will leave your loved ones speechless. Read More


LU LA LOOP is the mood

This brand is definitely futuristic, comfortable and fun. An excellent way to express yourself freely but with a touch of style and with unique and carefully designed details. The story of this brand is interesting, with a concept that should be a model for other brands. Read More


Have you ever wanted to jump and sing around your room surrounded by colors? The POWERS are for you, with a psychedelic mood will leave their mark with their music and it will remain in your head. Read More

THE SOCIAL ADVISOR People in Fashion

Are you curious to know who works in your favorite fashion magazine? Would you like to attend press days or be in the front row of a fashion show? Would you like to find out where a fashion editor finds inspiration? If the answer is yes, these are the instagram profiles to follow to get tips, inspiration and much, much more! But don’t forget to follow SO WOW on TwitterFacebook and Instagram! Read More

Homecoming – 404 Studio

Do you wanna feel like a sexy lolita? This is a modern interpretation of that fashinating figure and mood.

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Urban Lush – Noha Raouf

Noha’s Urban lush is contemporary and extremely fashionable and it will make you feel strong and fierce. We totally love it. The fur details are a cool signature that identify even more this young, stylish and talented designer. Read More

THE FRIDAY LIST 10 + 1 TV-Series about the Fashion Industry

With this list you will discover what you can learn about the fashion industry, content marketing, entrepreneurship and much more from these TV series. The weekend is at your door and what better time to try watching a new TV series, chill out a little bit and learn something new. Read More

Only for princesses – Porshz

Luxurious but ready-to-wear, this brand is truly inspirational and it makes you feel in a Thai mood which is definitely our favourite thing about it!

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