The surreal world of Anders Rasmussen

“My passion comes from sharing my thoughts about the world with the people of the world. A process of returning my experience, getting what reflecs inside to the outside. I think this is what great art should do, like lending the lenses of a particular artist to see how his or her reality tunnel looks like.”


Suicide blonde project by Patrizia Landi

“Suicide Blonde Project begins as a collaboration between independent creative people. We self-finance and use our resources to give space and voice to people we consider artistically talented! Let creative people express themselves and create without any barriers and filters! Let them be subversive in opposition to a flat and boring world where it seems almost impossible to express themselves freely without being tagged and silenced!”

Van Gogh in the wardrobe

“I think the hardest thing about being a young designer in the industry is finding someone to give you a chance. It’s difficult to get the experience desired by many brands when no one will give you said experience. But I know every young designer has been where I have so I try not to let this discourage me. I love working, designing—I love being busy.”

Back to the 70s – Nana Gotti

“My latest concept of my collection was inspired by the atmosphere of Studio54 and the 70s.Going back to the 70s when fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colours and a tendency to mix and match different styles with each other.”

A leather jacket is forever! – Laurie Lee

“I imagine all the girls I know and what they’d say to every slogan I create. To be honest it’s usually these girls that I take inspiration from, from a text, something they’ll say ​drunk ​or a name we’ll call each other. “

Twisted lingerie by Sophie Thorne

“I think we live in a world where many women still feel hugely conflicted and repressed about communicating their desires (and I don’t just mean sexually). I want to peel back the layers of what it means to feel empowered, blur the lines between underwear and outerwear with dynamic mix and match collections which make a statement, whether they’re concealed under a suit or worn later that night in the bedroom.”