SO WOW magazine is created for emerging talents of any kind and to share a selection of what we define “so wow” stuff like movies, music and lifestyles.

We believe in the power of human creativity and we want to highlight all the thousands of stories of those people who have made their life devoted to art in every form.

Our biggest dream is that all the featured people could collaborate with each other creating something even bigger using this web-magazine as a space to meet other artists like them.

What we hope for our readers is that they can become more conscious of the infinite more ethical and sustainable alternatives offered by the world. We want to offer them the opportunity to know incredible stories and new amazing and talented people so they can be inspired by them and then support them considering that some of the featured artists are really young in the business.

Our main mission is to discover new talents and give them a little space to share their stories and show their works.

Hope you will enjoy it!


Founder & Owner

Simonettha MasterP.

email: simonettha@rocketship.com