THE FRIDAY LIST – 5 (still not gone) international bands you don’t want to miss out!

Like every Friday on SO WOW, here’s a list of stuff you will absolutely like. Today we’re talking about five bands that definitely have the potential to go international and we’re sure you don’t want to miss out their music! Read More



Have you ever wanted to jump and sing around your room surrounded by colors? The POWERS are for you, with a psychedelic mood will leave their mark with their music and it will remain in your head. Read More

A month is gone, WHAT’S NEXT?

When I came up with the idea of ​​opening this magazine I could only imagine where it would take me but now, after only a month I can only be grateful to all the people who have been featured so far. All the artists, designers and all the amezing people who, with their words, inspired me and thousands (yes, already thousands) of readers. Read More

Surf Rock isn’t Dead yet!

Surf Rock is Dead well represents the expression of a new, modern and young rock. Currently on tour, they will surprise you with their cool and engaging mood. Read More

Ready for The Midnight?

Synthwave is an electro music genre inspired by the 80s sonorities, The Midnight really know how to play that, making you feel emotions, relaxing and stimulating your mind.  

Read More

100 Songs Playlist You Need To Listen To

These songs are a must-have in any playlist whether you know them or not! Some are big dance-hits while others are still super fresh and new but they’re all impossible to skip. Some of them are live performances because we all know that live is better. Read More