Carotilla goes sustainable

“I can’t see any positive aspect about fast fashion. It destroys the market, it allows unethical
working conditions in the third world countries, where workers are not protected by their own
legislation, it pushes to buy more and more without thinking, it rewards the big nonsustainable
brands and it ruins the smaller activities.”


5 Movies That Will Change Your Life

There are movies that change your life forever and these five movies will change yours by showing you values that are often forgotten or of little importance but which are the ones that count really, always. Beautiful movies and stories you will hardly forget and that you will want to see over and over again!…

7 reasons why Trashy-chic style is awsome!

Let’s start by saying that trashy-chic is not just a fashion style but it’s primarily a style of thinking and living. Probably is the result of the Internet supremacy on the fashion world, but whatever its origin n is, we like it to die! What is the trashy-chic style and why it must be loved?…

A journey into parkour and fab places – Gemini

Climbing up a 300m (985ft) high building was kicking our adrenaline. However there is something even more exciting. We had the chance to explore an abandoned theme park. The park was closed 15 years ago. It was incredible to see all those former attractions like roller coasters and a ferris wheel which were completely taken back by nature.