THE SOCIAL ADVISOR Interior Design Obsession

Are you obsessed with any kind of home decor item? Do you need some inspiration to makeover your room or your home? These Instagram profiles are exactly what you are looking for to get you daily dose of interior design inspiration! Read More




Are you still undecided about what gifts to do at Christmas? On IWOOT you will find tons of super original items to choose from and that will drive you crazy. In today’s Friday List you will find a selection of 50 so wow gifts that will leave your loved ones speechless. Read More

THE SOCIAL ADVISOR People in Fashion

Are you curious to know who works in your favorite fashion magazine? Would you like to attend press days or be in the front row of a fashion show? Would you like to find out where a fashion editor finds inspiration? If the answer is yes, these are the instagram profiles to follow to get tips, inspiration and much, much more! But don’t forget to follow SO WOW on TwitterFacebook and Instagram! Read More

THE FRIDAY LIST 10 + 1 TV-Series about the Fashion Industry

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A month is gone, WHAT’S NEXT?

When I came up with the idea of ​​opening this magazine I could only imagine where it would take me but now, after only a month I can only be grateful to all the people who have been featured so far. All the artists, designers and all the amezing people who, with their words, inspired me and thousands (yes, already thousands) of readers. Read More

12 magazines you will totally love

The world is full of magazines but these are absolutely our top 12, for now. A way to stay always inspired and amazed. Different points of view that will bring you in new parallel realities. They are a constant discovery of new talents and new ideas. Stay foolish. Stay inspired. Enjoy the reading! Read More

Less but better – Francesca Giovannini

Francesca, amazing youtuber but not only, used her web spaces to talk about the fast fashion industry issues and how to create a capsule wardrobe. Her words are really interesting. Let’s see how she changed her fashion habits and what she can teach us! Read More

Carotilla goes sustainable – Camilla Mendini

Camilla Mendini is the first Italian youtuber who used her web space to talk about the big issue of fast fashion and how she changed her shopping habits. Her advices are really precious and what she has to say about fast fashion will definitely make you think about it! Read More

5 Movies That Will Change Your Life

There are movies that change your life forever and these five movies will change yours by showing you values that are often forgotten or of little importance but which are the ones that count really, always. Beautiful movies and stories you will hardly forget and that you will want to see over and over again! Read More

7 reasons why Trashy-chic style is awsome!

Let’s start by saying that trashy-chic is not just a fashion style but it’s primarily a style of thinking and living. Probably is the result of the Internet supremacy on the fashion world, but whatever its origin n is, we like it to die! Read More