Van Gogh in the wardrobe

“I think the hardest thing about being a young designer in the industry is finding someone to give you a chance. It’s difficult to get the experience desired by many brands when no one will give you said experience. But I know every young designer has been where I have so I try not to let this discourage me. I love working, designing—I love being busy.”


Back to the 70s – Nana Gotti

“My latest concept of my collection was inspired by the atmosphere of Studio54 and the 70s.Going back to the 70s when fashion was all about freedom, a variety of colours and a tendency to mix and match different styles with each other.”

A leather jacket is forever! – Laurie Lee

“I imagine all the girls I know and what they’d say to every slogan I create. To be honest it’s usually these girls that I take inspiration from, from a text, something they’ll say ​drunk ​or a name we’ll call each other. “

Twisted lingerie by Sophie Thorne

“I think we live in a world where many women still feel hugely conflicted and repressed about communicating their desires (and I don’t just mean sexually). I want to peel back the layers of what it means to feel empowered, blur the lines between underwear and outerwear with dynamic mix and match collections which make a statement, whether they’re concealed under a suit or worn later that night in the bedroom.”

The many muses of Eloise Ptito

“My ultimate goal is to create heirloom pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation, daughter to daughter. Whole-heartedly believing in the empowering qualities of colour, my label’s wearable art garments also incorporate many elements and textile practices from my Moroccan-Chilean ancestry.”

When fashion meets tradition – Wilsen Willim

“The place I work in is very family oriented, my tailors and my team inspires me to be much more ethical with everything that I do with my label. They also taught me about the traditional fabrics of Indonesia which I would hope to work with in the future.”

For the people who live far away from the green – Yeni Studio

“As a biologist, I perceive human beings as a tiny part in the nature rather than a separate techno-natural entity. From our guts to the air we breath, we live in a medium of other organisms. However, we are under the delusion that we will overcome our dependence on nature with technology. From this perspective, my profession affects my design in a way to reflect the balance of the power and fragility in the nature.”