When lilac’s bloom – Dejan Del Fabbro

Study and passion can bring the biggest satisfaction. This is the story of this inspired and original designer. Read More


THE SOCIAL ADVISOR Only for Shoe Lovers

Like every Monday here’s some Instagram profiles you don’t want to miss! Today is all about shoes. Some of them are online stores while others are just a source of inspiration. Read More

PIEMER is magic

Pierina Merino is a 26 years old Venezuela-born, Los Angeles-based Architect, Jewelry Designer and Marketer. She is PIEMER’s Design Director— a lifestyle brand offering a 3D-printed jewelry collection and the founder of Nextifyup— a platform that curates and promotes the top digitally fabricated products and their designers. Read More

LU LA LOOP is the mood

This brand is definitely futuristic, comfortable and fun. An excellent way to express yourself freely but with a touch of style and with unique and carefully designed details. The story of this brand is interesting, with a concept that should be a model for other brands. Read More

THE SOCIAL ADVISOR People in Fashion

Are you curious to know who works in your favorite fashion magazine? Would you like to attend press days or be in the front row of a fashion show? Would you like to find out where a fashion editor finds inspiration? If the answer is yes, these are the instagram profiles to follow to get tips, inspiration and much, much more! But don’t forget to follow SO WOW on TwitterFacebook and Instagram! Read More

Homecoming – 404 Studio

Do you wanna feel like a sexy lolita? This is a modern interpretation of that fashinating figure and mood.

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