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Instinctive photography – Mikhail Chubun

“I compare photography with plunge into someone’s life, it is a very interesting phenomena. Very often I meet funny people in the street or in the metro, but I do not dare to photograph them; I think this should be the next step in my life. When you take a photo, you can feel a “click”. “


The surreal world of Anders Rasmussen

“My passion comes from sharing my thoughts about the world with the people of the world. A process of returning my experience, getting what reflecs inside to the outside. I think this is what great art should do, like lending the lenses of a particular artist to see how his or her reality tunnel looks like.”

What is Trophy Wife Barbie?

“Dolls are non-threatening and allow us to project our feelings and ideas onto them. I use Barbies (and Kens) in an attempt to circumvent censorship and talk about more challenging topics. I think I’ve simply found a new way of talking about old things.”