A month is gone, WHAT’S NEXT?

When I came up with the idea of ​​opening this magazine I could only imagine where it would take me but now, after only a month I can only be grateful to all the people who have been featured so far. All the artists, designers and all the amezing people who, with their words, inspired me and thousands (yes, already thousands) of readers. Read More


12 magazines you will totally love

The world is full of magazines but these are absolutely our top 12, for now. A way to stay always inspired and amazed. Different points of view that will bring you in new parallel realities. They are a constant discovery of new talents and new ideas. Stay foolish. Stay inspired. Enjoy the reading! Read More

The instinctive photography of Mikhail Chubun

This is the inspiring story of a young photographer and the discovery of his creative attitude from a small town to the big city. His photos are able to make you a sharer in that moment and that’s really “so wow”! Read More

The powerful art of Jason Naylor

Today we are talking about a great artist so inspiring. His words and his opinions instill such a big positivity. His art is an explosion of colors and creativity, a pleasure for the eyes and for the spirit. Read More

The surreal world of Anders Rasmussen

This is the amazing story of an artist who knows what working in an office means and then decided to follow his heart and art. Enjoy the surreal world of Anders! Read More

What is Trophy Wife Barbie?

How can you combine the biggest social topics with an icon like Barbie? That’s what this visual artist does. Read More