The romantic essence of Alexandre Delamadeleine

Alexandre knows how to make us see what he feels, that’s why he’s a great talent and an inspiring photographer. You will totally lose yourself and chill observing his pictures; but the most remarkable thing this guy knows how to do is creating a whole new dimension through his art. Tell me about your story. How did you decide photography would be a great part of your life? I’m 40 years old. I grew up in the French Alpes. I’ve been living in Paris for 20 years, where I work as a photographer. My mother took very nice pictures of my father, my sister and me when I was a child. It seemed to be her means of expression, and I guess I’ve inherited it from her! In my first years in Paris, I needed a way of expression to escape. I collected images everywhere, photos, magazines, fanzines, and I made collages, that I mixed up with painting. After a few shows, I became Art director for brands. Then I needed to make my own pictures! A friend gave me a Olympus OM2 film, which I always have! I learned to shoot with this camera. I’ve had many more since, but it’s still my favorite!

How do you choose your subjects? My main current subject is the dancer Hortense Degromard (@hortensedegromard) I share my life with, she inspires me. I usually choose the subject by love!

Is the place you live in affecting your art? The place where I live fosters my creativity because I made the choice to lock myself in a city from where I can’t stop dreaming of somewhere else! When I finally find this “somewhere else” I am excited to rediscover it as if it was the first time! And when I have to work in a locked place as a studio, this “somewhere else” is present in my belly and this inspires me! It’s magic to be able to virtually transport oneself into another place. Finally you can find nature everywhere especially in a small breath.

What do you try to express through your works? Through my practice, my aim is to capture the romantic essence embedded in landscapes which reflects the memories of my childhood spent in mountains.
How can I translate through images these remote memories I kept inside me? Light is the key.

What’s your main inspiration? My inspiration is constantly evolving through time and I will not be able to define it! I would have the impression to lock myself up. Reminding me that everything is impermanent, that everything changes all the time, wake up and inspire me.

What do you have to feel to decide to publish one of your pictures? It is an interesting question! It may be the only moment where I do not need to feel things with my gut but rather with my brain! The calculator! The one who asks the question, what do I show about my work?