The right to feel impeccable – Daniela Balzano

Body positivity is the concept that characterizes Daniela’s vision, a brave and young fashion designer who has decided to stay in her land to develop her creations. This girl proudly represents a refined style, suitable for every need and wearable by any body shape.

“When I was young, one of my first questions to my mother was ‘mum, when I was in the belly, what clothes did I put on?’, already this had to make me understand many things! My main passions have always been design, art, photography, design, fashion, travels and animals. I have increased almost all these interests and when I had to make a choice regarding my studies, I chose fashion. I first attended the Academy of luxury and fashion in Bari, Puglia. In the meantime I started making design t-shirts and I had called my brand ‘La Casa dei Fiori’ . Subsequently after the course, I decided to deepen my studies and so I started the Academy of fine arts in Foggia, Puglia, and I graduated in Fashion and Costume in 2017. After a year I joined the contest of Prix Orje in Paris where I presented my mini-capsule collection created for my Degree Thesis. This year, I worked at my FIRST COLLECTION which on December 28th 2018 was presented for the first time. The clothes that have been presented are dedicated to women of all sizes, who want to feel fashionable and impeccable and at the same time they want to feel comfortable wearing comfortable and feminine clothes. My desire has always been to have my own little fashion company and now I’m focusing on making it grow. The next stop is Milano UNICA.”

What is the concept of your latest collection? I’s about evergreen fabrics and models, I was more inspired by the type of woman I would like to dress: elegant, dynamic and impeccable in the choice of her outfit . When I make a collection, I have to fall in love with fabrics because otherwise it is difficult for me to work on a project.

What inspires you the most? I’m inspired by anything. It may seem trivial but I take inspiration by wherever my curiosity is captured from. From art to photography, from travels that I have made, journeys that I have not yet had the pleasure of doing and therefore when I look for new places, even the colors of a place or the lines of a building can inspire me. I let myself be inspired by the greatest designers and above all by my needs in dressing. Sometimes I say ‘Damn, why didn’t they make this dress for women with extra sizes? It’s not right’. We all feel the need to feel feminine, to feel beautiful.

How does the place you live affect your design? Maybe I have the MADE IN ITALY in my blood a little, considering that I live in Italy. I think it is very important to value our nation and above all our land. My decision to stay in Puglia is dictated by the fact that I want to do something here where no one now believes in its potential anymore.

What is the future of fashion in your opinion? I believe that in some way everyone is trying to promote a better tomorrow and a new concept of sustainable fashion without waste. Above all, many fashion houses and brands have abandoned their furs, inserting new types of fabrics to not damage our land and animals. Fortunately, there is this new attention that I hope will become global one day.

What is your next project? I will go to Milan for the MILANO UNICA to start working on the new PP2020 collection. I can’t wait!


Daniela Balzano Fashion Designer