The Fashion Revolution Week

Five years have passed from the disaster of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh that happened in the morning of 24 April 2013. A building collapsed killing all the people who were working inside, 1133 victims and wounded 2.515. Whene some cracks in the building appeared, only the textile factories within it do not have closed the activity. These were making clothing for large multinational companies. Despite the warning of the cracks and the order of evacuation received on the day before the collapse, the workers were forced by their heads to return to work in the morning. They were exploited and paid the equivalent of 38 euros per month.

A few days after this tragedy Carry Somers founded, with Orsola De Castro, who has always been active in the world of fashion environmentally sustainable, the movement Fashion Revolution. It takes place every year on the day of the collapse of the Rana Plaza and has become an event along a week from April 23 to 29, and is called the Fashion Revolution Week. The anthem of the event is “Be curious, find out, do something”. We must arouse in people the curiosity to know who made their clothes. Using the hashtag #whomademyclothes, you can take a picture with garment and label to ask the brand which are the people behind the production process. Following the discovery, we invite you to do something for the change: take part in the day or organize events in collaboration with Fashion Revolution. Currently there are many initiatives. In the TAKE ACTION section of the site you can download the manual “How to be a Fashion Revolutionary”, in which are shown the ways to change the system of “fast fashion”. You can download the text of an email already set to send it to brands through social media shouting out them or sending via mail a postcard to a legislator in your country to understand what they are doing to have a fashion industry more ethics. Students can also become ambassadors of the Fashion Revolution. The concept more interesting, however, is the #Haulternative, where it is shown the way to refresh your wardrobe without buying new clothes. 

In 2016 five brands out of forty had published the list of their producers and only two of these had formed addresses and places of production. In 2017 32 out of 100 and in 2018 152 brands on 62 companies and groups of companies. The number grows even thanks to the action of the awareness of Fashion Revolution and with the Transparency Pledge requested by the “Follow the Threads” Clean Clothes Campaign to several multinational companies in the clothing last April 2017. Publishing the list of local producers and suppliers is essential for the transparency of the industry. In an article published two weeks ago on the blog of Fashion Revolution there is a list of the companies that currently make public the list of their suppliers.

One of the main reasons why SO WOW magazine was born is precisely to give importance to all those small entrepreneurial realities that produce dresses and accessories with ethics and conscience. In honor of this week, as well as invite you to read all our interviews in the FASHION section, we invite you to read this interview made with a talented fashion designer from Bangladesh to let yourselves be inspired and reflect on her words. Finally we hope that the tragedy that has given life to the Fashion Revolution week actually serve to change things and to give a substantial turn to the fashion industry so that will be increasingly common to see on youtube, for example, sustainable fashion hauls and no more fast fashion and that people, maybe even thanks to our small contribution, decide to invest their money in clothes of quality, ethical and sustainable as well as different, original and very creative. We also suggest you to read  two other very important interviews with Camilla Mendini and Francesca Giovannini who actively contribute to the change with initiatives to increase awareness and that, after having changed their way of being consumers, have become icons of inspiration for whoever approaches the world of ethics and sustainable fashion.