Look and feel – Guillory Jewelry

We totally fell in love with these super hot and stylish creations and you definitely need at least one of them in your jewellery case!

“My name is Anastasia Komleva, I am the designer and creator of Guillory Jewelry. I was born in a small town in Russia, but currently I divide my time between Moscow, Antwerp and Madrid.

As a teenager, I was obsessed with fashion, and although I started designing at a young age, ‘fashion designer’ never seemed a real career option. While I was working in brand marketing in Moscow, I realized that fashion never left my heart and one day I invested in materials again and I took up where I left. One thing led to another, pieces started selling and at one point I decided to settle down in Antwerp, where I would have all the tools needed to start Guillory Jewelry.


Today besides me, there is a group of passionate and creative people working for Guillory, giving the best of themselves, challenging themselves and me every day to take the brand to a higher level. These days my main focus is on the style of the brand and I still design every single piece of jewelry myself. My goal is to give all pieces Guillory’s typical look of vintage romantic glamour with a hint of contemporary ethnic chic. The label’s strength is to be found in the attention to details; we also see to it that every item is meticulously finished. Every collection is handmade of high-quality traditional and contemporary materials that we find at every corner of the world.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? This summer I decided to take you to a world of effortless beauty and modern elegance, combining contemporary luxury with 70’s glam-rock influences.

These special pieces of jewelry will spice up any outfit and give it a new twist.

GUILLORY always makes sure there is something for everyone: extra long silk tassel earrings on a vintage T-shirt to go party at Coachella or shorter crystal studded spiked earrings for a sexy night out.


All items are handmade, with meticulous attention to detail and design, only using the finest materials to make sure the result is a truly exclusive luxury product. A wide selection of rich but de-saturated colors goes from pearly grey to scarlet red, always combined with carefully picked Swarovski crystals. Lightweight silk tassels have been hand dyed to get a one-off color ombré that makes these pieces so special; nothing about this process is standard. The black crystal spiked earrings bring a daring and contemporary edge; they channel a supervillain-chic that works alone, or combined with the embellished leather bracelets.


What inspires you the most? I am a very visual person, so things that I see inspire me (actually anything – a pattern, a ceiling somewhere in Paris, pieces of art in museums or a picture in Instagram). I monitor trends in fashion to be informed, but not to follow them or to rely on them. I create what I personally like and feel special about, that is what makes my designs different. I always loved fashion and had a knack for jewelry from a young age: when I was a kid, I would bead my own accessories to wear exactly what I thought was nice. And today women wearing my earrings also want to reveal something about their taste and themselves through accessories. I strive to create designs that become the staples of your wardrobe and jewelry collection, accessories that are meaningful and accessories that will instantly make you feel unique, different and will let you try things out and experiment with your look. Guillory Jewelry is a lot about “look and feel”.

How does the place you live in affect your design? My designs are affected by my inspiration and, I must say, I get inspired anywhere and by anything. For example, I am dividing my life now between Antwerp, Madrid and Moscow, Paris from time to time, and what I like about these places is that they are dynamic. I love city life – it makes you move, think, create and perform.


What’s the future of fashion according to you? Fashion is dynamic, not static; there is always something new happening around. For example, technology is affecting fashion: not only the production process, but designs as well. You see more and more materials changing colors or 3D-printed elements. It is also obvious that these days fashion becomes closer to ‘real people’, especially due to social networks. Your consumers are not only in retail, they are online, meaning they can follow new collections, changes, collaborations, fashion shows from any corner of the world, online. And I believe that freedom will be still one of the basic foundations of fashion: freedom of not compromising and designing what you love, freedom of creating new trends and not following the existing ones.

What’s your next project? I am currently working on my FW18/19 collection. Winter 2018 will be the first season where we will be presenting GUILLORY collection to selected buyers and clients during Paris fashion-week, and my devotion to quality and uniqueness make it a huge task.

Another project, details about which I cannot reveal yet, is a collaboration with one of my favourite fashion clothes designers in autumn 2018.