La potion infinie – ARgENTUM APOTHECARY

ARgENTUM APOTHECARY is a positive luxury beauty brand made in France and we love it! Not only because it’s formulation is 99.5% from natural origins but also because of its original and special concept.


To make you feel even more beautiful and inspired, in each jar you will find 1 of 12 archetype cards delivered by chance. We found the MAGICIAN, the CAREGIVER and the EVERYMAN. You can also find CREATOR, SAGE, RULER, JESTER, INNOCENT, REBEL, ExPLORER, HERO and LOVER and to discover what your archetype may reveal to you, you’ll need to check the oracle.

This is a very creative way to make your skincare ritual a magical experience.


The Day and Night Cream is a powerful hydrating and restorative product. The smell is inebriating!

The Potion Infinie moisturises the skin in a unique way! The moment you apply this amazing product, you will notice an immediate result as caffeine stimulates micro-circulaction and DNA HP delivers hydration to cutaneous intercellular space of the skin, carrying 10.000 times its weight in water. This synergetic action is enhanced by Silver Hydrosol’s ability to regulate skin flora with its natural antibacterial properties and it absorbs instantly, delivering hydration without the shine.


Another essential beauty product is the Illuminating Hydration Bar, a facial cleanser with Silver Hydrosol, DNA HP and soap-free that helps to restore the natural balance of the skin.

This unique formulation is enhanced by Betonite, a collidal clay composed of aged volcanic ash; in combination with Silver Hydrosol, it increases the purifying action, without dehydrating or irritating your skin.

It’s perfect, it makes your skin super soft and clean and it smells so good!


Last but not least, let’s talk about this incredible elixir, the Twin Enhancing Face Oil that can be used in combination with the cream to leave a luxurious, cushioning feeling to your skin.

It’s a super light, dry oil and it’s created to protect your skin’s elasticity with powerful anti-oxidant properties. This elixir is made with Argan oil as a moisturiser with boosted Vitamin E and the perfect synergy of Abyssinian and Kukui Nut oil.

It’ unique, powerful and we love it!