The enchanted wooden spoon


Finally it’s here, our BEAUTY section! What a better way to start it out than introducing these incredible products that show their results by the very first day?

This is the Enchanting Neroli Extract line that has an anti-aging eye serum, an anti-aging facial serum and a cleansing oil. On you can also find a super relaxing basil and pine shower gel and our favourite one, the body butter.

The Wooden Spoon is a small Bulgarian company that produces the purest possible skin care products.

They don’t dilute their ingretiends with water in order to keep their formulations 100% concentrated, that’s why you only need 10/20 scents of each product. They prefer handmade production by using raw, unprocessed and certified organic ingredients, plus they’re not tested on animals.

We’re talking about advanced skin nutrition and high quality ingredients.


The best thing about thebody butter are its ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut butter, almond oil and argan oil that make your skin extra soft with a delicate smell of chocolate, a true pleasure! This royal butter is made with organic ingredients.


The extra relaxing shower gel (you definitely need to try it expecially before a special occasion if you want to feel the best of yourself) has also an amazing combination of ingredients like peppermint oil, eucaliptus oil and pine oil and all the oils are organic.

It’s the ultimate spa experience.

The Wooden Spoon’s skincare line is an incredible beauty elixir. Since the first application you will see and feel the results.

The essential neroli oil is an essential oil produced by the distillation of the flowers of bitter orange. Its scent resembles that of bergamot. It is used in perfumery, liquoreria, pastry, sometimes pharmacy.

The name comes from the Duchess Marie Anne de La Trémoille married with Flavio Orsini Bracciano, princess of Nerola, which in the seventeenth century began to spread in Lazio in the form both of essence is distilled water, known already from the Middle Ages as nanfa water and obtained at those times for distillation of fresh flowers of the sweet orange and bitter, for scenting gloves and bathrooms.

This elixir and its organic ingrediets can be your perfect night ritual, highly recommended!