Have you ever dreamed of travel, explore and breathe the atmosphere of a magical place like Brazil? This reggae band called Natiruts plays that kind of music that will transport you in this wonderful corner of the world. Their live performances are the most exciting and empathetic thing you could ever imagine.Natiruts is a Latin Grammy-nominated Brazilian reggae band from Brasilia. Formed in 1996, Natiruts released six studio albums and five live albums during a career spanning two decades.
But what made us fall in love with this band? Certainly their music style that is unique and recognizable and the great emotional transport with which they play their songs. Perhaps it is not in their intentions but we hope they will go international to spread their music all over the world and we put them in this Music discovery to support them in our own way.
Absolutely recommended for your moments of relaxation or as an accompaniment to your travel.

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