Muse Modern – Feyza Kurtulmus

These dresses will make you dream even if they’re totally not for any kind of woman. You must be really confident to wear them but they will make you look even more beautiful!


“I was born in Siegburg (Germany) on the 7th of June 1991, as a child I always strived to present my fashion one day, at a young age I designed my own clothes torn my jeans pants sewed other fabrics underneath and embroidered them so that the jeans looked even more delighted. After graduating from high school, I applied to the fashion design institute in Dusseldorf to practice my talent, a dream come true and I began to study fashion. In my studies years I tried many directions, I designed an avant-garde collection, a minimalist and a sporty couture fashion. When I designed a couture collection it became clear to me that I belong in this direction couture with passion and love! My goal is to show the woman who is a very special being even more self-confident and unique in my creations.

The long drag the pompous dress and the luxurious embroidery is a must in my clothes. I think that it makes the clothes very special and a real eye-catcher! My brand got name Feyza Kurtulmus, that was like when I was in the 3rd semester, we had to design a logo about indesign from our label as a homework and so I told my dad and he started right on a sheet a symbol for me to scribble the wrong F came and directly attached to the K I had liked it so much that I knew from the moment that my brand would be called Feyza Kurtulmus.

In order to improve my knowledge, I completed a year abroad in Istanbul in a couture house where I could learn a lot of new things, during which i got a very positive affirmation from the famous brand balmain for a year abroad which i would like to realize shortly.”

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What’s the concept of your latest collection? My latest concept will be the Hagiha Sofia Museum in Istanbul. I think this place is a very special place. Built in the 6th century 921 years a cherry 481 years a mosque and 10 different religions but only one home! Hagia Sophia is still a mystery to today’s architects and structural engineers as to how such a structure was possible at that time; that’s why my topic is “the secrets of the hagia Sophia”.

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What inspires you the most? I’m inspired by the moments that you would like to photograph with your eyes because those are that kind of moments that can not be catched because it’s just this one second, only something spontaneous, something you were not prepared for, it’s a moment that you cannot put into words. Something you can only experience. That inspires me again and again.

How does the place you live in affect your design? My designs always have something extraordinary about them that influenced and inspired many. I love the eye-catching and I think that makes my fashion very special. Of course there is the variety that is more for the simple but my target groups are the women who are at the center of the appearance. Meanwhile I have the feeling that I live in several places for my fashion because these different places make my design perfect.

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How do you choose your materials and fabrics and how do you work with them?My first choice is always simple fabrics that have only one color because I love to manipulate fabrics mostly from an item that is very rare such as hot glue, so you can design beautiful structures and shapes that look sensational. I love to design a template with patterns and then to place it on my choice on the fabric with a color or with embroidery. I play a lot with fabrics rum kink them turn them fold until I find a very interesting shape and does that my fabrics especially.

What’s your next project? My next project is a FW 18/19 couture collection from the hagiah sophia concept inspired from the old byzantien. The fabric manipulations have already begun draping the individual silhouettes. I’m really looking forward to the result because it’s going to be a very special collection that probably will be seen on the catwalk in Paris.A