The secret garden – Gonzalo Guigou

This elegant and extremely chic collection is the result of a really hard work and an innovative and sublime vision. “My Brand began with my graduation collection of Escuela Universitaria Centro de Diseño , Montevideo, Uruguay. The collection was published at Diane Pernet blog and I started to have more visibility in my country. The first work was made to the made de campaign of the fashion week in Uruguay. Actually I work part time on my brand and as a designer in Don Baez, an Uruguayan brand that develop germanet made in 100% undyed fine wool. The main focus of the company is Eco Chic concept and slow fashion.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? This collection takes inspiration from the novel “The Secret Garden”, tells the story of a girl who finds an abandoned garden and transformed into something beautiful. We began with rustic fabrics as burlap, and finished with fine fabrics like silk.Bloom fashion collection.

What inspires you the most? The most inspire to me are the reading books, and nature. There is a bit of melancholy in my collections. Also usually I pay attention at people at the street, I love to see old people, what they wear.

How does the place you live in affect your design? Beyond the inspiration sources own of the culture where I work, actually there is a strong trend that matches design with local crafts and the pride to be an south American citizen. The raw material is very important too. In Uruguay there is a strong culture of work with wool and the designers tend to work with this material.

What’s the future of fashion according to you? Some points of my vision in the future of fashion:

– The democratization and accessibility of fashion: with regards to the new ways of customization, to the tailor-made concept, to non-polluting processes and with zero waste. The use of technological developments to create a tight bond with the customer. Brands that generate content exclusively for their customers, more like a “private club” to know more about their consumer.

-The creation of a transparent brand: perhaps this is the turning point that fashion has to go through. Can we track in detail where each dollar we pay for our clothes is going to? Define trade in a company by trading and communicate it as a company value. Allow the customer not only to fully trace their garments, and the carbon footprint of producing them, but also to know in detail where each dollar spent is going to.

-Products designed according to logistics: while years ago fashion only focused on the product, currently the focus is on its distribution. We could see a similarity with the furniture industry that has coined the RTA (ready to assamble) concept. Can we create RTA garments?

-Creating an e-business designed according to current technologies: few brands have taken advantage of the particularities of online sales. In general it has consisted of a copy of the physical stores, leaving aside this technology as own resource of sale. Can we create a new niche market that is defined as “ready to consume”?

What’s your next project? Actually i’m working in at the AW 18 winter collection inspired in Uruguay, is like a book of style of my country.