Eternal Traveller

Nikita is an inspired soul, the colors and silhouettes she designs are a truly dream that becomes reality.

“Growing up amidst dynamic women, with their unique sense of style, I have dedicated my brand to the women who have been comfort in times of change and guided me through unexplored trails. Being inclined towards art through dance and painting since childhood and recieving formal training in both,my creative expression inspired me to pursue my innate desire to set a trend in creativity hence the label ‘Nikita Bajoria’. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Fashion Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata (INDIA) in 2014 and won the award for the “most creative and innovative design collection” for my graduation project. Label Nikita Bajoria inspired by the feminine spirit, has been launched in the the year 2017.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? What rises in spring, may fade in fall. But the traveller is not seasonal. Label ‘Nikita Bajoria’ presents to you the” Eternal Traveller collection”, a bridge between resort wear and pret wear which in itself rejoices the celebration that life is. The interplay of colors with delicate fabrics like georgettes, imported crepes, organza and satin varieties are handcrafted for the trendsetting women who subtly yet surely establishes her presence wherever she ventures. The collection ranges from simple silhouettes to fluid drapes in soothing as well as vibrant hues of the inpirational theme ” Dawn to Sunrise”. Along with the sunrise hues and the fluidity of a trailblazers soul, the collection is dedicated to the holiday spirit of being ever-joyous and ever-free.

What inspires you the most? Hardwork and determination are the keywords of my life which inspires me as a designer to be ever flowing and ever-evolving. As mentioned earlier, being surrounded by such talented and creative ladies of my house has always been the biggest source of inspiration for me. Whether my grandmother with her simple yet classy style or my mother a complete contrast to her, more glamorous and blingy while my aunt who strongly believes in sophistication and re-cycling materials. Thus, noticing them, learning from them, and trying to imbibe the best from them always had and always will motivate me to develop my own.

How does the place you live in affect your design? I stay in Kolkata ( West Bengal) INDIA, and here the demand for traditional wear is higher than the demand for customized western-wear. People have now started to accept and are willing to experiment with western clothing.Though I strongly believe, that the place I live in doesn’t affect my design so much because today everything, is accessible. Thanks to social media and internet platforms, nothing seems impossible.I am a traveller myself and I love to explore and take inspiration from different places around the world as well as different cultures (whether the landscapes or the food or the people or their traditional costume or there language or their nature), and blend them in such a way that it can be accepted by all body-types, age groups and various cultural backgrounds all over the globe. I don’t want to limit myself, but I want to explore as much as I can and reach out to more and more people. Still many don’t know much about resort wear/holiday wear here in India so I want to spread the word by offering people stylish yet sophisticated and comfortable clothing. There is a high demand for destination weddings these days, so my label even caters to focus on this aspect. As I stated earlier, my ensembles, bridges the gap between resort and pret wear making it more internationally accepted also.Thus, I decided to display some of my work on NOTJUST A LABEL

What’s the future of fashion according to you? “Change”is the only constant. This quote couldn’t be more true for fashion because everything we see or do now-a-days-depends on fashion and the mix of various cultures we all belong too. As such I feel, there will be no restrictions as to what to make or how to make. The accessibility to different places around the world has become way simpler than before. The process of experimentation is on full-swing at the moment. There are many who our moving towards a more sustainable way of life by introducing environment friendly garments, smart and breathable garments is already available readily in the market. From pret to couture wear, fashion has seemed to reach its peak with more and more creativity and young talent pouring in everyday. The kind of opportunities and platforms we as designers have now is just increasing and will keeping rising.The scale of fashion experimentation has sprung up by a really high margin.From anti-fit to super slim fit, everything is available either through exhibitions or magazines or journals or stores or even social media like online shopping, Facebook and other various internet sites. Thus,the plethora of fashion seems to reach out to more and more people and is making them more fashion conscious and fashion forward. Fashion has no definition anymore. if you can carry off a style confidently, that too becomes a fashion statement. Thus, its just moving forward with a heavy supply of innovative ideas from various fields of life and parts of the world. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that life is a circle so what goes around, comes around. Since fashion innovation is at its peak now, if we don’t use our resources in the right way and continue to explore more and more, we might land up becoming a forgotten era.

What’s your next project? Currently, I am expanding this collection and making some more styles and variations in this. But in near future, planning to come up with a capsule collection focussing on evening wear for the winter months of (nov-dec-jan). Collection comprising of pre-cum-couture wear.

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