With a twist of creative energy – Tomasz Kuciuba

Unforgettable details and an inspiring vision, this designer make interesting and beautiful creations.

“I was born on the 8th of January in 1986. From early on in my childhood, I was interested in fashion. I wanted to discover new fabrics, learn how to sew and watch fashion shows from all around the world to get inspiration.

Throughout that time I was improving my drawing skills and attending the art classes. I followed the worldwide trends in magazines and finally started to create clothes. First, it was clothes for my toys and then for myself. The world of glamour and the Hollywood style were my main inspirations since I can remember.

My earliest fashion influences were black and white movies from the 1940s and 1950s with great actresses: Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly. In 2012 I completed a degree in Fashion Design at International School of Costume and Fashion Design and since then everything has started.

With a twist of creative energy, I like to experiment with fabrics and mix different materials. Each creation comes individually, so its hard to find clothes in my designs that are repetitive in terms of fashion. Every design is unique and very precise in terms of detail. I take my time when I am creating, even hand stitching.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? My latest collection is inspired by different cultures. After my trip to the Caribbean, I was strongly inspired by nature, exotic food and the wild animals. That’s why you can see many prints that are visible in almost every outfit from my new collection which was dedicated to strong and very sensual women who love to experiment with fashion and who are willing to dare. I am very excited as the look-book pictures for my new collection were made by one of the best British photographers that I worked with in the heart of London. Philip Veitch is a true visionary. I collaborate with Philip on many occasions and every time he knew what I wanted to achieve from our photo-shooting. He is very precise and takes his time to make sure that every detail of my designs is visible in the pictures.

What kind of woman do you imagine for your design? A woman who is wearing Kociuba’s clothes is always powerful and free. She follows the rules but at the same time is able to break them when she wants at any time. Someone who likes to be noticed and mark her presence. A woman who is always well groomed and who sparks desire in men’s eyes

How does the place you live in affect your creations? I live in London which is very fast-paced city. Culture, buildings, streets even the people represent the true British heritage. In this multicultural and rural place, you can find everything. There is no time for being bored or complain for lack of activities. This city that never sleeps is always one of my main source of inspiration.

I love London because is growing and getting stronger day by day, never stays in one plays and that’s represents the fashion. Here fashion is very different than in most European cities. People are more liberated in terms of style, they don’t mind wearing an elegant chiffon long dress with vintage accessories and a pair of old school trainers. Fashion in London allows you to dream and to be yourself. You will never find any place in world like the city that I live in.

What’s the future of fashion according to you? In my opinion, real fashion is gone. I am talking about the designers who are no longer with us and who created “style”.

Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Hubert de Givenchy, Gianni Versace and Yves Saint Laurent. It is very hard to create a new shape as everything, in my opinion, has already been made and shown to the public. Nowadays, designers are trying to create their own vision by experimenting with fabrics and shapes. Everything is repetitive in terms of style. The base is still the same and fashion, like in the real life, is making a circle.

What’s your next project? I am working on many exciting new projects at the moment. One of the main projects is to dress an actress for the red carpet premiere in London very soon.

I am also working on my next collection which is very time consuming and I am planning to organize my fashion show during London Fashion Week and I can’t wait to share my new collection with the public.


Instagram: @tomaszkociuba

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Models: Anya Chayka and Alina Gromova/ Phoenix Models @anya_chayka @alinagrmvv @phoenixmodels_

Photographer: Philip Veitch @veitch.photography

Photographer Assistant: Ryan Scan @r.scan

Make up: Louise Lerego @louiselerego

Hair: Shelley Sumner @shelleysumnerhair

Fashion Stylist: Alice Leggi @thealiceswonderobe

Fashion Designer: Tomasz Kociuba @tomaszkociuba