5 (still not gone) international bands you don’t want to miss out!

Today we’re talking about five bands that definitely have the potential to go international and we’re sure you don’t want to miss out their music!

MANESKIN They are a very young band that has been playing together for a very few years. We would define their look unmistakably trashy-chic. They have just reached the second place at X Factor Italy but are already enjoying a huge success with their music that mixes many genres together with the reggae voice of the frontman. Their songs evoke a very 70s mood but with a fresh, young but very conscious spirit. Go listen to them, now!

THE MIDNIGHT After interviewing them we understood how this genre, the synthwave, can excite and bring infinite positivity with a bit of melancholy. This duo knows how to make good, sometimes weird, music.

NATIRUTS Their live performances are among the most fascinating and suggestive things you’ll ever see. Their music takes you directly to Brazil, with timeless sounds and even if you do not understand the lyrics, you will be able to immerse yourself in an earthly paradise, the one exported with so much talent, skill and grace from this Brazilian band.

POWERS We already talked about them in our weekly MUSIC DISCOVERY. What can we say more? You’ll love their colorful pop rock. This duo is extremely stylish and so devoted to music.

THE KOLORS Their Italian-style pop-rock with a British flavor will drive you crazy and make you wanna sing and dance! They won an Italian talent show and they definitely deserve to become a top band, first of all, because of their amazing music, secondly for they super cool style (we love their jackets, kind of their style signature).