Last evening I felt like a diva!

These high qulity dresses are made to make you feel like a diva. Geometrical details and precious fabrics are the signature of this extremely beautiful and chic collection.

“I graduated from the Moscow University, faculty of Applied Arts in 2010 and founded my own brand. During view years working in Russia I was a participant and a winner of Russian and international awards, contests and exhibitions of young designers. But I was always interested in Europien culture and fashion. I have decided to learn it from inside and have done internships at fashion houses of Austria. Since 2012 my design-studio is located in Vienna, where I produce all my collections.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? Last evening collection combine gentle, elegand image with very constuctial form and unusual shape of corsets and skirts. I included many geometrical details to attract attantion not only of romantical persons, but also ladies who have an extraordinary taste. The technique of the decoratioans is realy difficult to repeat, what makes every dress exclusive and unique.

How do you choose the materials and how do you work with them? I love expensive, fine and high quality materials and choose the most interesting prints for my collections. I also love to work with wool and I make in each collection coats and wool jackets for every season.

How does the place you live in affect your design? Since I moved to Austria I saw the world and art from another perspective, but it couldn´t change my taste preferences completely. It completed my fashion imagination with experiens, which I got in the new country and let me combine many styles together.

What’s the future of fashion according to you? I belive that fashion won´t take possesion of our minds and won´t make us be obsessed with new trands, I want that fashion will become a slave of our individuality. That´s what I want to reflect in my new collection, how to build your own personality and not to be a slave of a new trand.

What kind of woman do you imagine for your creations? I make exclusive clothing and imagine a successful and attractive woman who knows how to emphasize her individuality.

What’s your next project? I have planed many projects for a coming year, especialy designs fair and presentation of my lable in pop-up-stores for casual and evening clothing. I have presented my lable on the press-conferens “Opening of the new ball season 2017 in Vienna” which gave me the oportunity to be a participant of the New year ball. I also plan to take part on the fashion contest for young designers in Germany and Spain and I hope to get a chance to present my future collection there and share my story with other participants and spectators.