Music is satisfaction – Shane Guerrette

This story is about passion and the real role of music. Shane will let you escape thanks to his sonorities. 

“My passion for music most likely stems from my childhood. Throughout my early years I was surrounded by music constantly. My parents always had music playing, & my older siblings both played instruments. It only felt natural for me to make music as well.”

What are you inspired by?
I’m inspired by a wide variety of things. Each day brings new opportunities which are full of inspiration. Some days it’s easier to find than others.

Do you write both music and lyrics or there’s a team who collaborates? I do write both my music, and my lyrics. For me, I find the music to come across more authentically that way.

What do you try to express through your music? I try to express whatever I’m feeling at the time the song is being written. Of course the motivation behind the songs will change up. But it’s really just a collection of life experience.

What’s the best thing about being a musician? For me music has always been an escape for me. Takes my mind off of whatever worry I may have. I think that in that sense, music is a form of satisfaction (especially when making music that I enjoy)

What’s your next project? I’m about to record some new songs for an upcoming EP that I plan on releasing. That’s what’s in the works as of now.

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