Have you ever wanted to jump and sing around your room surrounded by colors? The POWERS are for you, with a psychedelic mood will leave their mark with their music and it will remain in your head.

POWERS are a L.A. based alternative duo that offers a danceable and fun pop rock, sometimes strange but so colorful. Their music is composed of refined sounds, a constant and evolving journey through emotions and vibrations. A small mention also goes to their personal style, original and memorable, a great source of inspiration that distinguishes even more this duo so eclectic and original.

But what inspired them? “A record of ancient Peruvian tribal music, a centuries-old Swedish hymn, a PBS retrospective on the making of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and a 1993 Baywatch episode titled” Island of Romance. “” Songs can spark from anything, “Says Crista Ru, who co-founded POWERS with co-vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Mike Del Rio in 2014.” It’s just like love – it hits you out of nowhere, you can not ever predict it. , you need to do something good to life. ”

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