Alekai Goldentear will take you in Africa from Kenya to Tanzania

This designer is will lead you on a journey full of emotions. Its philosophy is truly noble, always working with a constant respect towards the environment and the earth.

“My creativity has always being my way to share my  fantasies and dreams with the world. For many years I’ve travelled all over the world living a very simple and humble life. My main goal was to be in harmony and in joyfulness to experience new cultures to expand my view of the world and myself, when I start to create I let my imagination travel in memories and experiences, from this source all come true. Alekai Golden Tear started as a unique handmade one of a kind garment and that was just pure magic. Today we are mainly working with eco textile, natural dye and hand block printing as we try to push our self to be sustainable and friendly to the earth. We are based in south india surrounded by the green tropics.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? My new collection is very much inspired by east Africa, Kenya and Tanzania: the wild land, the colours of the earth, safari trips, baobab trees, massai  tribes, their beauty and elegant impact me so deeply, the muslim man walking to the mosque, the freedom I felt in this travel, the joy my heart met.

What inspires you the most?  We live on a beautiful earth, full of colours, patterns, textures, plants, birds, sounds, rocks, sunsets, trees, old temples, gorgeous architecture, tribal cultures that still tune to their pure essence of being unique and truthful to their nature. Traveling around gives a lot of inspiration.

How does the place you live in affect your design? I live in a beautiful village near the sea, surrounded by coconut and mango trees. The red earth contrasts so well with the strong green after the long rainy season. It inspires my choice of textile, light and breezy,  the designs I create, cozy kaftans and beach dresses.

What’s the future of fashion according to you? Eco fashion is the future, we will always like to look gorgeous and stylish and that’s not going to change, however our approach to it must change, as we know the fashion industry can be quite toxic, we can try our best to switch in a better direction. Beauty is all around us.

What’s your next project? My next project? I started to work on a home decor/textile art gallery, it’s still a very young project, lots to come!

Instegram: @alekai-goldentear
fb: @alekaigoldentear
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