10 + 1 TV-Series about the Fashion Industry

It’s time to find what you can learn about the fashion industry, content marketing, entrepreneurship and much more from these TV series. The weekend is at your door and what better time to try watching a new TV series, chill out a little bit and learn something new.


#1 THE BOLD TYPE This is one of the latest TV series. It is about three girls and their life between friendship and work in a women’s fashion and beauty magazine. From The bold type we can study all the backgrounds of a magazine, learn tips on content marketing and social media marketing. If you dream of a career in the world of journalism, this series will be able to educate you sufficiently to understand certain dynamics of that world.


#2 THE COLLECTION The series is set in a fashion house in Paris emerging during the German occupation of France in World War II. The collection shows the meaning of being a visionary, as it develops the creative process and shows how to make something that is timeless but at the same time is a reflection of the moment that you are experiencing.


#3 UGLY BETTY This iconic series shows us step by step all the editorial work behind a fashion magazine and everything surrounding it and with all the pros and cons of the case.


#4 GIRLBOSS It’s a series that doesn’t go very deeply in the situation but can give some ideas on starting an online fashion business, how to manage your presence on social networks and basically how to find new possibilities in the world of internet and social media.


#5 SEX AND THE CITY Come on, we all know Sex and the City, but what this series can teach us about the fashion world is how to make a hobby into a business but above all, about content marketing, how to get new ideas just by looking at the reality around us. Clothes are our business card, always.


#6 GOSSIP GIRL In addition to making you feel extremely poor, this series will show you how to make iconic even a single accessory. You will see wonderful dresses and matches although the plot is not always the best but, at the end of the day…who cares, right?


#7 SCREAM QUEENS This series is one of our favorites and in addition to various social topics covered, this series teaches us how to become an influencer and how to manage your personal brand. It’s awsome!


#8 JANE BY DESIGN Fresh and young, this series is about the adventures of Jane, the creative process of a young talent and all the difficulties and the mess needed to be successful in the fashion world.


#9 LIPSTICK JUNGLE Through this series you will discover the backstage of the life of those who are successful in the fashion, business and publishing world. It highlights women’s strength, passion for their work and you’ll find tons of useful tips and inspiration.


#10 I LIVE WITH MODELS A really funny sit-com but at the same time it looks with the critical and sarcastic eye at the world of fashion and advertising. It shows us all the background of model life among sacrifices and struggles for success.


#11 FRONT ROW Franca Sozzani, the director of the influential Vogue Italia since 1988, will be the main character of Front Row, a TV series that will tell the fashion environment and the rise of the city of Milan to the world’s fashion capital. The story, which was also written by Sozzani’s suggestions itself, is currently under development – shots should begin at the end of 2017. It will be interesting to discover the world of Vogue Italia and the responsibilities of being that kind of director.