Antigravitation by Zoya Koinash

Creepy? Weird? Strange? Hypnotic? These paintings are pleasure fore any creative mind for sure!

“I am from Belarus. My parents  Ukrainians but actually we have not only Ukrainians roots, Poland, Jewish, Russians and even more. My mother was the art teacher in a village school, she is my first reason I like art. All my childhood I grow in a very small society and close to nature. I think this maded me kind of introvert, self-sufficient, able to feel good spending a lot of time with colours and books.
Art for me is joy of the life I can`t imagine the life without art. I do art, I looking for art, I am trying to understand art, I learn art, I enjoy art, I live in art!
I define my art style like pop surrealism,  I can say that I want to draw something that stops people for a moment of trans, trans without any drugs, reboots their perception. What it should be don`t matter,i I usually like to draw mystic creatures, underwater world, parallel worlds, without earth laws, so my first cycle of oil painting in my current style I named “Antigravitation”. It is my reflections about everything, quantum physics, life, feelings, cosmos.I inspired with it- cosmos, microbiology, genetics, animals, underwater world, my feelings.”
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