Plastic fantastic – Sofie Antonsson

Sofie’s point of you about sustainable fashion is interesting and her way to explore fashion is even more fashinating.

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“I was born and raised in a small town in south of Sweden, close to the Norwegian border. Growing up in a fading industrial community, shopping was something exclusive. (This was before online-shopping got big) We had to travel almost two hours to get to a shopping mall that housed the large brands. I loved those malls. The feeling I could get by wearing certain clothes always fascinated me. How you want to present yourself – and therefore how you want people to see you, like you could control that? I found it extremely interesting to combine and make alterations to my own clothes to get different expressions.”


 What’s the concept of your latest collection? My latest collection is called: Plastic Fantastic. The collection questions the image of sustainable fashion, due to the fact that natural fibers are seen as more sustainable than synthetic fiber. However, polyester is the only material able to be up-cycled into infinity! By using this contradiction I question the illusion of sustainability – by working with the aesthetic of fashions romanticizing of nature to present the possibilities within closed loops-polyester.


 What inspires you the most? Different kinds of escapism. What makes people get through their day: fantasies daydreams, longing for something else than their ongoing life.


 How does the place you live in affect your design? Since I’m surrounded by everyday people, in a small town, I tend to focus on concepts that could be applied on actual wearable fashion. The different seasons in Sweden affects me due to the different lives we live during winter and summer according to weather and temperature. I want, and wish, for Sweden to be a role model when it comes to sustainable fashion and consumption in the future. I think it is our duty as an rich, well-developed country.


 What’s the future of fashion according to you? I hope that we in the future can get companies to be transparent with their production and spread more awareness to consumers, so we together can make the fashion industry better. I hope for lots of sustainable, effortless fabulous-ness in the fashion-future.


 What’s your next project? Right now I want to get a insight in the fast-fashion business to se how more sustainable fashion could be applied in this area. At the moment Im learning from the inside at one of Swedens leading fast-fashion brands. Further on… Hit me up with a job!


 Photographers: Jan Berg, Anna Tåkvist

Instagram: @anton.sofie