Like precious berries – RO jewellery

These wonderful jewels are made of precious stones like juicy berries and are ready to wear in any occasion if you want to feel a little more special.


 “The World around us is exciting and interesting. So exciting and interesing that one cannot not create. Everything around


has its form, scent, facture, essence and feel. Everything has a story – everything is OUR story. What excites me about jewellery is that you can create based on surrounding world, books you read, places you visit, storys you hear.. and feelings of course.Jewellery is longlasting, you may say it doesn’t know time. Gemstones are amazing and magical Earth-given gift to us. They remind me us, humans,created under preasure, time and patience. All this adds up to the story – human story. I am Karolis Ro Cerneckis, i create Ro Jewellery becasuse i cannot otherwise.”

What’s the concept of your latest collection? Picked the most tasty summer berries. Collection “Berries”. Summer is the brightest season, it has freedom scent. I was inspired by colourful summer berries. Once i thought: “How can we enjoy berries without eating them? we can wear them!” Berries always reminded me of precious stones. That is how this collection was born.I used: precious stones, 18 k.yellow gold, sterling silver.


How do you choose your materials and how do you work with them? Usually i work with gold and silver. Love stones as well. Each and every stone is very expressive and different. You can change any jewellery by playing with stones. I choose sketches of jelwerry very carefully. For me the idea and meaning of my work is very important. Questions for whom, why and what it is are essence. Only after I have all of this, I choose the material for creation. I especially enjoy plasticity of metals. Trying to create light and soft. Sometimes opposite – rough and heavy.

 What are you inspired by? I am inspired by fairy-tales, baroque, architecture, city, people. This is endelss well of inspiration. More colourfull city – more colourfull people in it. Their ideas, apparence, style and minds. I believe more open to the World you are, less barriers in thoughts – release creativity inevitably.


What’s the future of fashion? I can only talk about fashion in jewllery. Today i see tendecy of rough and massive forms, gold colour. Big accesorries carefully selected by its wearer are very popular. ALthough i think that actually the wearer is only hiding his person behind them. it’s a pity, this way jewllery and other accesories become more important than a peron itself. I think and hope, that soon we will notice modest but expensive jewllery, which will emphasize feminine softness and kidness of a woman. It will show the Woman, not hide her.


What is your next project? My next project is called “Old Nick”. I should be exactly the type of jewller I just described – feminine, soft.. Now I’m working on colletion called “We are all saint”. Is a new look of the saints – us.


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