This is Freedom – LEVCA

It’s French and it’s really styilish, this clothing line is contemporary and inspiring, it will make you dream and make you feel like you are wearing a piece of design.
“I always had been passionate about fashion and design. It’s been several years since i thought about launching my brand. My passion for fashion was born when I was young and my grandmother told me that she worked in the Chanel’s workshops in the 70’s. In my childhood i already looked at a lot of fashion magazines and I envied very quickly to dress women in my turn.
LEVCA is now a year old and iam very proud of it.”
What’s the concept of your latest collection?The concept of all my collections are the same. The goal being to rework basic models of the women’s wardrobe while modifying the original shape or the colors.
The final rendering offers pieces shifted, inspired by the 90´s with current cuts.
The name of the last collection is “déstructuré” because I like this idea of having destructed and asymmetrical pieces.
What kind of mood do you try to evoke? The principal mood of LEVCA is liberty. I mean freedom. Because this is all we are. Freedom in life or in fashion mean that you can explore interesting things trying different ways. My first collection was so different from the last one and this because I constantly explore new paths while keeping this identity. Freedom to think and to create are the most important thing to me.
What inspires you the most? I always had been inspired by the 90’s. I’m born at this time and today it still continue to inspire myself. I spend my free time watching a lot of pictures on magazine, instagram, everywhere, to immerse myself in it.
How do you choose your fabrics and how do you work with them? I choose personally all my fabrics and I make a lot of comparisons, then associations of colors, or materials. I like to mix several tissues but there is still a coherence for me. The rendering of a model depends of the fabric, you must play with the law of weightlessness!
What’s your next project? I have a lot of differents projects. Of course the next collections are real projects, but I would like to organize my first fashion show in the next 2 years and also have a point of sale abroad. I have to work ! But it’s very exciting.