Since the beginning – Como Brothers

These guys know their thing! Their music is the perfect traveling companion making us dream and feel part of their story. Andrew: The first song I ever remember hearing as a kid was the Beatles cover of “Twist & Shout” in the back of my dad’s 1993 Plymouth Voyager on a cassette tape.  Hearing John Lennon totally own, scream, and holler through that song had me hooked on the Beatles.  Watching videos of them on the Ed Sullivan Show made me obsessed with wanting to do exactly what they were doing myself.  In high school, my dad, uncle, and a friend started a Beatles tribute band, and we’d play out at least twice a week throughout high school and into the first couple of years of college.  I played George Harrison, and Matt would sub in on the John part.  Learning the Beatles catalog really gave us an appreciation for songwriting, and watching them gave us an appreciation for showmanship.

In college, I got heavily into John Mayer.  It was his albums “Continuum”  and “Where The Light Is” that made me want to do music for a living.  It opened my eyes to a level of musicianship and guitar mastery that I hadn’t seen before.  Mayer turned me on to Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, and all the blues greats.  It also got me into Soul and R&B music like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Chuck Berry.

 What inspires you the most? Andrew: Catchy meaningful songs.  I want to be like the musicians I look up to, and I want to write and perform hit songs.  The idea that I want to catch that is what inspires me the most.  It makes me want to constantly, learn, improve, and be the best that I can be.

Is the web helping you in spreading your music? Andrew: For sure.  It helps get you connected to people and makes you feel like a high level of exposure is right around the corner.  It’s not an end all though.  We never allow all the possibilities that the internet holds to make us forget our main focus; our craft and the songs.

A hit song is a hit song.  If you create and perform and undeniable jam, there’s no stopping that.  That’s what we’re constantly chasing.  The internet is just a means to an end.

 Do you write both music and lyrics? Andrew: Yes, we write both.  The writing process varies from song to song.  Sometimes we write a song totally together, and other times we write separate and come together later.  It’s always different.


What do you try to express through your music? Andrew:  The music I grew up on gave me a sense of being a part of something.  It made me feel invincible, and like I knew the musicians I was listening to.  It bonded me with friends and family.  The Beatles alone got me really close with my dad and uncle. I want the music that we put out to inspire people, and to make them feel like they’re a part of something.

 What’s your next project? Andrew: We’re working on a EP/Album with our buddy Sam Woolf.  We all have very similar tastes in music, and we started writing together.  We were all really happy with how everything was coming out, so we started a project called “Sam Woolf & The Como Brothers”.  Expect that EP/Album to be out sometime in early 2018.

Here’s a live rendition of our upcoming 2018 single “On It” at The Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY on Friday October 6, 2017.