Gokce Komurcu’s cosmos

This clothing line is meaningful and extremely wearable and everything started at Starbucks.

“I was born in Kocaeli , Turkey. After graduating from Uludağ University Art History Department in Bursa, I couldn’t put up with the fashion enthusiasm that is family business and I came to İstanbul. I got Fashion Management education from Istanbul Fashion Academy and immediately I started to Undergraduate Fashion Design and Technology Women’s Clothing program. However I worked many designers in the fashion industry. The work of the Design Foundation’s Fashion Design Workshop was exhibited at the La Triennale di Milano Design Week in Milan. In 2016 GKC-Gokce Komurcu Cosmos brand name with the first capsule collection was released. I made a nice introduction to the fashion world with AW 2016  Degrade Capsule Collection . The most rare piece of the first collection was wearing  Lulu’s Pink Blouse to Ivana Sert. The Spring / Summer 2017 collection of Natural Harmonics of Earth was removed, and finally A Reflection of China Autumn / Winter 17-18 collection was presented as an art project. The most striking product of this collection was the shooting of black kimono in London.


I designed the label 1 year before I founded my brand. I started to design my label onto a Starbukcs mug as if I was Martin Luther King when I was on custome history class. I never forget it. I t was my first attempt. I decided to name my brand as ‘Gokce Komurcu Cosmos’ before I present my collection. I wanted to draw my own area. It was my world and It is still.

I characterised my woman independent even from my thoughts. She is a breathing, alive and growing human being. She renews herself in each collection and has a dynamic, urban and compatible with nature character. She is an actual and sexy woman but does not strain eyes. I see her as a reflection of powerful woman.

There was a good point cited in my first collection. I used leather and velvet fabrics together. I represented strong woman profile with leather and the real woman with velvet.”


What’s the concept of your latest collection? Last collection is a reflection of Chinese Culture and signs. I created an art project blending colour and culture with a modern perspective on my Fall/Winter collection named as’A Reflection of China’. It is an eclectical structure inspired by Chinese culture and Chinese new year celebrations and opens mystic doors and includes different cultures. Look mold that I designed as part of my art project formed with Ying Yang and Chinese trigram symbols (A Reflection of the Harmony Between Colours and Symbols). Black kimono, one of the best piece of my collection, photographed in London.


How do you choose your materials and textures? It is important to know colours and fabrics first. For instance you feel great when you touch silk fabric but you may not use silk fabric lifelong. It is important to touch and feel all kind of fabric and material. I generally choose the colours and fabrics overlapping with my source of inspiration. I pick fabric samples and match them with proper materials.


What’s the future of female fashion according to you? Fast fashion concept rules the world nowadays. There are lost of brands that satistify the consumers. We see lots of new generation fabrics as technology develops. There are different range of fabrics from nano technologic fabrics, fiber to flexible fabrics those provide comfort. But today, people enjoy with experiences. They are in search of a new taste when shopping. I also believe that sustainable fashion concept will be more and more important over time.


What inspires you the most? I have a strong background in the field of art history since I hold a BA on it. This strong influence contributed a different vision and point of view. Art and its gainings occupy too much in my world. Observing is also important. I may influence any time and anywhere. A toy, building or nature. This is like exercise. When you use It, grows.


What’s the hardest thing of being a young designer in the fashion world? I think being young is a big advantage in today’s world. Experience is important of course but I believe new ideas are important since information and material are easy to reach today. It is hard to make one’s name famous in a world where big companies and designers exist. So it is necessary to make difference, keep up quality and stay connected to brand philosophy. I think the most challenging thing in fashion world is make an appearance. This takes time. Your ideas and products may develop over time. It is also important to grow with meaningful stories that builds up emotional ties rather than customer perception.