Let’s support The Glass Pineapple

The Glass Pineapple is a platform created for emerging talents to promote and support them. After three years the decided to open their online store and that’s really great!

A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has just begun to drive the store launch. The campaign is designed to raise funds to create a simple, satisfying way for people to buy from new labels, with all the sophisticated customer service you’d expect from premium online fashion retailers.

They will also be looking to expand the coverage they provide of emerging designers, from Belgrade to Copenhagen and Cape Town, supporting new names in fashion and promoting messages of body positivity and ethical style.

Alex Prett, the Founder, says: “We want to make it easy to buy from all the amazing designers we’ve found over the years. Plus, we believe that there’s a place in fashion for promoting a kinder and more collaborative approach that embraces diversity, inclusivity and openness without any compromise on aesthetics and style. You don’t have to opt for a crazy expensive label – or be a certain age, skin colour or size – to wear innovative pieces and look and feel amazing. We think it’s time to stop telling people that you do.”

This project is amazing and their works is part of the inspiration for our SO WOW magazine. So let’s help this project come to life! Check out the crowdfunding page here.

Let’s support them, this project could really be a big change for the online fashion shopping!

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