All I want is a rock on a lens!

Get ready for the most amazing sunglasses you could ever wear! Original, exaggerated and beautiful, this designer has a unique style and you can’t help but wish his creations ardently. “I am a 26 year old male who has recently moved to Melbourne Australia. I currently work full time in Realestate but have a hidden creative that comes out at night time.


I started my brand in 2009 as an assignment in university. In 2012 I decided to really hit it hard and see where it takes me. Since then I have given it everything I have to improve every aspect. I continuously find ways to improve my brand and my product.

My products are unusual, it is not something you see everyday. I want to keep a niche market, almost an exclusive club for people daring enough to wear ‘crazy’ sunglasses in place of the conformed sunglasses we are used to. This way I know each customer is unique and individual like my pieces. I want my brand to be a cult collective, a brand people grow with and trust for years to come.”


What’s the concept of your latest collection?
The latest concept where I see my brand and design heading, was inspired by the art deco culture. Bold, yet soft colours with detailed embellishments. I spend alot of my personal time looking at vintage home-wares, fashion and buildings. The quality is also improved vastly from the previous collections.

What inspires you the most?
My customer inspire me the most. When I have finalized a pair, I am so impatient, I cannot wait to upload the design and see everyones feedback and reations, that is my drive everyday.


How does the place you live in affect your design?
Moving to Melbourne, a city rich in history, I am exposed to new textures, shapes and colours I haven’t experienced in person before. This city is full of individuality, something I never really experienced living in Perth due to it;s relaxed nature, where Melbourne, people flaunt there individually, it is praised here.


What’s the future of fashion according to you?
The future of fashion, that is a good one. I think drawing on the above. I feel fashion is driven my our musical influences and icons. With this being said, I am noticing they are owning a freer scene of style, a more deconstructed style, which I will will filter down to the streets in the near future. What’s your next project? I would have to answer this as my newest project. My new range of art deco inspired liquid to matte lipstick. This is a project I worked on solely for over 12 months, everything from playing with raw ingredients, working with the lab, the shade name and colours, the boxes and the most important aspect, the beautiful 18k gold plated embellishments.
My venture into the beauty industry has only just begun and I cannot wait to work on products the market hasn’t seen yet.
I am also revamping my three botanical perfumes in the new year.