This is powerful! Paula Mendoza

These jewels proudly represents the strenght and passion of Colombia. They tell a story being extremely flashy and recognizable.


“I was always into jewelry, ever since I was a little girl I would make jewelry.  I studied Social Communications but then quickly realized that it wasn’t my true passion and jewelry design was my life calling. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia and my country is my biggest inspiration in my designs. I lived in DC where I started making jewelry for private clients and that is how I started. Soon moved to NY where now my company is based.  I think if you are really committed to your passion, you will do anything to succeed.”


What’s the concept behind your creations? I design two collections per year. Every collection is different because every season it has an inspiration that is unlike the previous season. But the one thing that ties all my designs together – the soul of my designs –  are my bold, statement circular designs.  I want to create pieces that are strong, and that make you feel powerful when you wear them. My pieces are made for a confident, tough feminine woman. I want to make pieces that TELL A STORY.. Furthermore, they are pieces that are light and comfortable to are made for a woman on the go, and independent woman.


Where does the inspiration for your design come from? For my latest collection, the inspiration behind my designs came from spending time with indigenous communities in Southwest Colombia.   I spent my time there learning from them, in what they believe in and listening to them.  There is so much to learn from these people about the world, nature and the universe that it is so inspirational.  Ultimately, my collection reflects what I learned from them.

 It is a collection that has a meaning and purpose. Moreover,  We are donating 20% of our sales of a necklace to a foundation that protects the indigenous communities in Colombia. Overall, my inspiration every season is different cultures, people, art and architecture but always including Colombia no matter what.


How would you describe your latest collection? I would describe my collection as a representation of my roots. A collection that describes the beliefs and traditions of the indigenous communities in Colombia. A collection that highlights the importance of the relationship between man and the environment.

What kind of woman do you imagine for your brand? The PM woman is a strong, confident, feminine woman.  A woman that is on the go and is not afraid to make a statement.


What’s your next project? I am currently traveling through different parts of Colombia visiting more indigenous communities and learning from them.

Photographer: Tigre Escobar.

Instagram: @paulamendozajewelry